Heirloom tomato salsa

Salsa is the Italian and Spanish term for sauce, and in English-speaking countries usually refers to the sauces typical of Mexican cuisine known as salsa picante, particularly those used as dips. Salsa is often a tomato based sauce or dip which is heterogeneous and includes additional components such as (but not limited to) onions, peppers, …

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Almond lemon cookies

In the United States and Canada a cookie is a small, flat, sweet baked treat, usually containing flour, eggs, sugar, and either butter, cooking oil or another oil or fat, and often including ingredients such as raisins, oats, chocolate chips or nuts. Cookies may be mass-produced, made in small bakeries or home-made. Cookie variants include …

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Helpful hosting tips

On Methods of Cooking – Water boiling slowly has the same temperature as when boiling rapidly, and will do just the same amount of work; there is, therefore, no object in wasting fuel to keep water boiling violently. Stewing is the most economical method of cooking the cheaper and tougher cuts of meats, fowl, etc. This …

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Farmer’s market season

A farmers’ market (also farmers market) is a physical retail market featuring foods sold directly by farmers to consumers. Farmers’ markets typically consist of booths, tables or stands, outdoors or indoors, where farmers sell fruits, vegetables, meats, and sometimes prepared foods and beverages. They are distinguished from public markets, which are generally housed in permanent …

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Cooking fireside

Outdoor cooking differs substantially from kitchen-based cooking, the most obvious difference being lack of an easily defined kitchen area. As a result, campers and backpackers have developed a significant body of techniques and specialized equipment for preparing food in outdoors environments. Such techniques have traditionally been associated with nomadic cultures such as the Berbers of …

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